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Fancy having a go at making something in glass but not sure what to expect?

You don't have to have any knowledge or experience of fused glass to be able to make something at one of our workshops that you are proud to collect and take home the next day.  Courses can be tailored to any ability from total novice to confident hobbyist (minimum age of 8 if accompanied by an adult). This guide will help you feel ready for when you arrive at CrossTree Glass so you'll be able to let your creativity flow without wondering how the workshop will run. We will be there to help you along the way with tips and helpful insights to challenge you to make a great piece of glass art.

Half-day (2-3 hour) workshop schedule:

  • First we will show you how to cut a straight line, a curve and a 's' shape on a piece of greenhouse glass so you can get used to using a diamond cutter.

  • Then we will start to plan what you want to make. Once you have chosen a design (be it one of ours or your own idea) we will talk about the best way to compose your design in glass.

  • Next comes the fun bit, selecting what colour and type of glass to make each piece of the design (transparent, opaque, patterned).

  • You will mark out template pieces on glass and cut them out (using the diamond cutter to score the shape outline onto the glass and the breaking pliers to crack the glass along the score lines. The grozing pliers can be used to smooth out any unwanted sharp edges).

  • Once all the pieces are cut they will need cleaning with glass cleaner to remove the marker pen.

  • Finally your design will need to be carefully layered up. It will go in the kiln to be fired overnight. Your finished piece will be ready to collect the next day (we will arrange with you whether you want it mounted or drilled for hanging, wall mounting prior to you collecting it).

Want to come and have a go? Pop in to the studio shop in Braunton to enquiry about workshop places, email us at or phone on 01271 813228.


Check out the Customer's Gallery to see what other people have made.....

Fused glass workshops
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Tools for fused glass crafts

Diamond cutter

Breaking pliers

Grozing pliers

Glass marker

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